The Empire | The Imperials

The Empire

The Empire (also known as The Imperials) are a ruthless, xenophobic, fascist tyranny bent on domination of all life in the universe, viewing the conquest of Earth as the first stepping stone to achieving their goal.

All levels of the Empire are conditioned to view themselves as the true master race, destined to rule, with all other forms of life either submitting to the Empire and attaining slave status, or resisting and being exterminated. The indoctrination process results in the creation of a merciless military force, with dire consequences for those who find themselves suffering under Imperial occupation.

The Empire is structured into six sectors, three military and three non-combatants. Making up these sectors are four unique and distinct castes, who fill out all the roles of the Empire.

In the planned war, the Imperials view the Allied Forces as their primary enemy that they need to destroy the quickest, and so they dedicate most of their operations in the opening stages in an attempt to break the Allied Forces apart and destroy their military.

Flag of the Empire

Sectors of the Empire

Imperial Army

The Imperial Army is the largest and most important sector of the Empire. It contains the bulk of the Imperial Soldiers and Officers, as the land campaign is where the war will be won or lost. All other branches of the Empire are subservient to the Army - the Navy and Air Force conduct operations to support the Army and the three non-combatant sectors look to the army leadership for direction.

The Imperial Army also controls all of the Empire’s nuclear weapons; even missiles mounted on Imperial submarines can only be launched with a command from Army personnel.

The Imperial Army contributes soldiers to the defence of all Imperial bases, and supplies units for the defence of Imperial Navy warships at sea. The Army does not operate any type of aircraft; all aircraft are controlled by the Imperial Air Force and flown by their pilots.

Imperial Air Force

The Imperial Air Force is the second largest military arm of the Empire. The air force controls all flying aircraft, covering both planes and helicopters. There are two equal streams in the Air Force, one for fixed wing planes, and another for helicopters that matches the Imperial Army system for easier integration and cooperation with ground forces.

The Air Force supplies the pilots and ground crew needed for the Navy’s aircraft carriers to operate. They make use of a variety of planes, with ground attack aircraft and helicopters providing close support for the army while their fighters seize control of the air and the bombers smash human cities and industry, paving the way for an Imperial victory.

Imperial Navy

The Imperial Navy is the third largest of the military departments. The Navy operates a variety of small and large ships, from frigates and patrol boats to battleships and aircraft carriers and other vessels such as well as submarines.

The Navy’s primary role is to cut enemy sea trade during the war, ensuring that the oceans are controlled by the Empire with all Allied Forces ships and other major naval vessels destroyed. Throughout the war the Imperialists continue to bring more and more ships online, including several large aircraft carriers and battleships.

Imperial Academy

The Academy oversees the training of all Imperial personnel. From the minute they are cloned, young Imperials are trained by Academy staff for their different roles, primarily Army, Navy and Air Force. There are however, smaller sections for training new Administration and IMPERCAR personnel, and classes for new Academy Instructors.

Members of the Academy are granted access to the newest weapons and in the Empire first, in order to be trained on them before they instruct the rest of the Empire on their use. Most of the Imperials training is done in their underground bases, with heavy emphasis on the use of simulators.

Imperial Administration

The Administrative arm of the Empire is the smallest sector of the Empire. Administration handles supplying Imperial forces on campaigns and the running of occupied territories, by deploying Order Control Forces to suppress the local population, freeing up the Imperial Army to conduct operations elsewhere.

Administration is placed in charge of forming a vast network of slave labour camps, where humans that will be unfortunate enough to end up there will be worked to death to further the Empire's goals.


Simply known as "IMPERCAR" (not an acronym), all the Empire's products, soldiers and new weapons development is overseen by them. There are three sections in IMPERCAR: Production, Genetics & Research and Development.

Production manufactures everything the Empire requires to exist and wage their wars of conquest, from tanks to ships, missiles to guns and ammunition and food. Genetics is responsible for the cloning of new Imperials and maintains procreation laboratories across the world. Research and Development work on devising the Empire's new weapons, and testing them before handing the designs off to Production for mass manufacture. Genetics and Research and Development also conduct horrific experiments using captured humans, to better understand their enemy and determine the lethality of their weapons.

Structure of the Empire

The Empress




Imperial Hands



Imperial Guards



Imperial Officers & Soldiers


The largest and most numerous of the four castes in the Empire, the Imperial Officers and Soldiers fill the ranks of all six sectors of the Empire. Under going major indoctrination, the Imperial Officers and Soldiers are very loyal to their leadership - but with the huge numbers created, any that show the slightest hint of resistance or question their superiors too heavily are isolated and destroyed before they can "infect" the others.

Imperial Officers and Soldiers are viewed as highly expendable - even by each other - and are prepared to die in their millions to see the war goals of the Empire fulfilled, the cost is of no interest to them.

Imperial Officers command each sector of the Empire, however they report to their direct leadership and can be overruled at any time.

Insignia of the Empire

Flag of the Empire

The Empire's insignia is instantly recognizable as  a white letter "I" on a black background. This symbol forms their flag, banners and standards.

All Imperialists wear this insignia on shoulder patches and carry them into battle, and they are also mounted on the Imperial headgear such as their helmets and hats.


Uniforms of the Empire

Imperials are clad entirely in a matte-black army combat uniform, making them virtually indistinguishable from each other.

The Imperial rank insignia is predominately displayed on their headgear, their chest and their shoulders to aid in battlefield visibility for their soldiers when trying to identify commanders - a factor that also can aid enemy forces in identifying targets of opportunity.

The Imperials have two kinds of dress standard:

  • Garrison Duty - combat uniform and cap with insignia
  • Combat Duty - combat uniform, helmet with insignia, body armour and combat vest plus knee pads.