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The Story

The Earth is experiencing a prosperous era; humans continue to reach new heights of culture, science - and warfare. Since the end of World War II an age of peace previously unknown has been ushered in, maintained with the assistance of the most powerful devices in human history - nuclear weapons.

The end of the Cold War and the turn of the 21st century was welcomed as the beginning of a new age - and into this era the Allied Forces were founded. Originally a small band of teenagers desiring to make a difference in a world in which they felt they had no voice, they spent time building up in secret for several years before they were exposed, and forced into the open. The situation was tense, but ended without bloodshed and leaving the Allied Forces their independence. Despite their best efforts, the Allied Forces still find themselves with few friends - foreign powers continue view them with great suspicion, and they find new internal challenges resulting from a multi-national force.

While the planet grows on the surface, deep underground a new power stirs. The Imperials are beginning to rally. Nothing is known about them on the surface of the planet as the Imperials have established their bases in great secret, taking great pains to conceal their existence. Unlike the Allied Forces the Imperials are totally united behind their leadership and cause - they are clones, and view themselves as the rightful rulers of Earth - with the planet populated by people that are inferior to them.

It is against this backdrop of rising tensions across the world that the Imperials are preparing to make their move. Believing that the planet simply won't be prepared to fight them, they are confident in themselves and their strategies. Their enemies seem to be ready to fall apart at any time, and besides which - humans have killed each other for centuries, why would they unite with each other now?

The Empire

The Imperials are a new superpower, the true master race on Earth.

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The Allied Forces

A large multi-national military, but dangerously untested by war.

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