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Captain Casey

Captain Kiersten Casey is an officer in the Allied Forces Army. She is one of many who joined as part of the Allied Force's drive to recruit more officers for their military, she completed her training as a Second Lieutenant and began her journey. Later she is selected to train as a Captain, before being…
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Captain Hardner

Captain Jarryd Hardner is an officer in the Allied Forces Army. Originally a private, he steadily rose through the non-commissioned ranks before being noticed and given an opportunity to train as an officer. Commissioned as a Second Lieutenant, Jarryd demonstrated courage and leadership and earned an eventual promotion to Captain.
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Matthew Davis

Matthew Davis is an officer in the Imperial Army. Six months after the founding of the Empire, Davis is a Leading Soldier in a young military that is still finding its feet. Even while they are clones and physically indistinguishable from each other, the Imperials find that the quality of their commanders varies - but…
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Hiker Girl

Hiker Girl is enjoying a nice break from work when it turns into a nightmare struggle for survival. While out enjoying a hike, she stumbles across the Imperials and attempts to escape. Despite knowing that she is in great danger, she is unable to warn anyone of her discovery before the Imperials close in and…
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