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The Imperials is a story about a fascist Empire planning to unleash its armies against an unsuspecting planet, desiring to wage what morphs into a genocidal war and plunging the world into a crisis not known since World War II.

Standing against them are the Allied Forces, an independent global military force - untried in war and idealistic bordering on naive - the most untested military in the world must take on the world's most dangerous.

A global struggle with everything at stake, with heroes and villains on both sides - battles with masterstrokes and mistakes - but there can only be one victor in the Imperial War.

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The Imperials - an original Australian web series

The Imperials - an original Australian web series

An original Australian web series about two armies - one of those made up of an army of clones - the Imperials is a project with a dynamic setting - one day it's a meeting in an office, the next is a training drill followed by testing some tanks.

The Imperials web series is made possible by all the fantastic cast and crew who have taken part, please visit the credits to see those involved in its production.

Filmed on location in Victoria, Australia taking advantage of the natural landscapes and urban areas.

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