The Imperials | An Empire Is Building
  • Allied Forces 3 – Future Planning

    Things have not gone well for the 1st Regiment/52nd Mechanised Division, after a review with all involved the reasons for failure in...

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The Empire

The Imperials are a new superpower, the true master race on Earth.

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The Allied Forces

A large multi-national military, but dangerously untested by war.

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The Series

When a ruthless fascist empire meets a naively idealistic military power, there can only be one outcome - the bloodiest war the world has ever seen - and only one victor can emerge from the "Imperial War".

The Imperials is an original web series by Impercar, an exercise in filmmaking, rotoscoping, visual effects, warfare and even more rotoscoping.

The series will be released on the Impercar Youtube channel and on Facebook. Make sure you subscribe and follow both Impercar and the Imperial High Command accounts to stay up to date on the series and Imperial movements.

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